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Ilyssa Peltz

Director | Writer | Comic


About me

Ilyssa Peltz has been part of the entertainment industry for almost 10 years, but her love for movie making started much earlier.  When she was a kid she could be found making movies with her friends.  When it came to education, it was an easy decision for her to decide to follow her dreams, and study film production at Bowling Green State University.   While at BGSU, she directed her first short documentary, Where Do The Torahs Go?.  This film made it to multiple film festivals and won a few awards; such as Best Documentary at the 2014 BGSU Film and Media Film Festival.

After graduation, she found herself back home in Cleveland starting her professional film journey.  She got her first internship on the film The Bronze, and she quickly climbed to the top from there.  Five years later, she is now a member of the DGA (Directors Guild of America) and works as an Assistant Director all over the world.

Directing is her true passion. Ilyssa can be found working on various short films in her spare time.  These range from comedic sketches, dramatic shorts, to corporate videos. Each video she creates is with love and care no matter the topic. Many of her work can be watch here.

Ilyssa is always looking for new ways to tell stories and new collaborators.